A better investment with Gold  

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gold was a kind of investment instruments that has a better value for long term period, just like another investment, a good timing was really important in gold investment, it becomes a main core when we should buy and when we have to sell.

There were many kind of gold that we can buy as an investment tools, it could be gold coins, bullion, jewelry or granule. It some countries, gold bullion is more valuable that other type of gold such as coins or jewelry because gold bullion has a cheaper price, you just pay for the gold prize and no manufacturing cost that you have to pay. It's really different for gold coin or jewelry because you have to pay additional cost for manufacturing and value added tax.

There were 2 ways to invest your money in gold, they are : direct gold investment such as gold bullions, gold coins and jewelry and the second ones is indirect gold investment just like gold stocks, derivatives and gold futures.

Before using gold as your investment instrument, I think it will be better if you learn more everything about gold investment, one of the best ways to learn about gold investment is by browsing some blogs or website that talks about gold investment. Although gold investment offers many advantages, but it still has a risk so you need to diversify with another investment tool

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